Thursday, June 3, 2010

Studio Inspiration

Via Pepto Girl Industries

I have been day dreaming about having a Sew Lovely studio to call our own. It's hard sometimes when you work out of your home and your living space is extremely intertwined with your working space. There is piles of work everywhere and not a designated place for things. I can't wait till we have a room all to our selves filled with walls and walls of thread, notions galore, bright inspiring colors and a lovely table for our sewing machine! Until then a girl can dream right?

Here is some inspiration from some lovely studios:

Can you say dream yellow studio?
This yellow chair must be mine and I will take those lovely stacks of fabric too <3

via Heather Bailey Craft Studio

This crafty haven screams inspiration! How fun would it be to work in this room-

via All Sorts

I have been closely watching the progression of Elsie's studio from a beautiful mess. It's so inspiring to watch everything come together so fabulously. Her studio is like a dream for creators.

And a previous studio of Elsie's:

I love the idea of having all of your notions ready to grab at any moment. Seeing everything you have to work with, feeling inspired and working with it all to create something beautiful.

It's perfect how clean and organized this studio is. I would love to display my mom's hankie collection streaming from one corner to another across the room.

via All Sorts

Looking at Hannah's studio from Made with love by hannah makes me so happy! It's color overload in a good way and has everything a girl could want.

It's no wonder she creates such lovely skirts-

I would love to have embroidery hoops everywhere!

via Apartment Therapy

Also a wall with every thread color imaginable:

via Plays with Needles

There is so many beautiful studios out there! I can't wait to have one of my very own and have a lovely space to create :)


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Anonymous said...

I have to wait for one of my kiddos to move out. I have four, two are married and two still home. So I am patiently waiting for my craft room!!