Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She & Him Concert

Zooey is the most adorable thing ever! I so want this shiny dress, it would go perfect with my shiny toms that I was wearing to the show. The whole show she went from jumping around with her tambourine to the piano to a few songs with the ukulele. Next time I am going to be way closer, I couldn't even see her shoes.

Johnny is the best boyfriend ever for going with me to Oakland to see She & Him ;)
I have been looking forward to the She & Him show for 3 months and we finally went on Saturday!

It was my first time going to fox theater and I was so jazzed on everything. The fox theater was just redone and it is so beautiful inside. From the outside it looks big, but not nearly as big as it really is! We missed the opening band, we came in between sets and there was plenty to keep us occupied. The ceiling was the most amazing ceiling I have seen in a concert venue, so intricately detailed with it's wood cut stars, gold paint, wood carvings it was spectacular. If you haven't been it is definitely worth the trek :)

Here is Johnny and I before the show:

If you can't tell I am extremely stoked!
The show was amazing, they played almost every song! They ended the show with two encores; the second encore being a cover of "I put a spell on you" AHHH it was so good!

Its insane how happy live music can make you, I left on a definite high.



Crooked Sister said...

The Fox theater is a really great venue. I went a couple weeks ago. I was sort of entranced by the giant buddha statues and had a hard time watching the band. Looking forward to seeing another show their soon . . . . like The Black Keys.

Jenni Loo said...

The Fox Theatre looks similar to the Royal Oak Theatre. That's where I'm seeing She & Him on Sunday. I've been waiting for months! I can't wait to see her & M. Ward.

kittykill said...

My friend is the drummer for them. They are so cute and of course my friend Scott rocks. LOL!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Omg Jenni you will have so much fun! They are so cute together and she was so precious jumping around with the tambourine. I'm sure you will wear an adorable dress!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

No way PAM! That's so awesome :) I so wanted to throw an embroidery kit on stage, because I think zooey would dig it but I didn't want to be a total creeper. I so want to show her my she & him embroidery too :)