Monday, June 21, 2010

Pillbox hat Felt Palooza

Sunday was the most craftastic day :) Those are the best days off, no agenda just crafting! My two lady friends came over around noon and we embroidered and fell in love with felt all day. I have never loved felt so much.
It all started with this pillbox tutorial by humblebumbleB via threadbanger

Ever since I saw this I have been dying to try this. I love vintage style and pillbox hats are no exception! We bought the felt at scrap last week and once the weekend hit, we knew what was in store, FELT palooza! Maureen and I started late Saturday night and began with orange felt, cutting out all of the pieces and sewing them together. We worked on it until it was midnight and took out a bunch of stitches with our baby seem ripper, but it turned out really cute! We had so much fun just us girls, listening to music and crafting in the dining room :)

After we made the hat we made felt flowers to add some pizazz! I want to make a million more hats, one to match every outfit. This one is unfortunately not for me, so I will need to make one for me pronto!
The first top for the hat we cut out didn't fit quite right, so I re purposed it into a tortilla hat the next day with my friends.


My friend Megan made a pillbox hat too, which I wanted to keep as well. The teal felt she had was so pretty. Plus sequins and bows, does it get any better?

I also taught my friend Jen how to embroider and she picked it up like a pro! She started on one of our yellow totes and is the first one to embroider to the whale with the hearts coming out of it, on our deep blue sea pattern. Although the red hearts looked like the whale was spewing love blood, she finished it in one day and it looked fabulous!

Hooray for crafty girls day!

Did anyone do any crafting this weekend?
What did you make!


p.s. our patterns are still BOGO until Thursday :)


Crooked Sister said...

Those hats are so cute! What a wonderful crafty project for the weekend. I've just been embroidering cards and taking photos of my stuff all weekend. Wish I had some free time to make a pillbox hat!

ladymchottie said...

oh so fun!!!i wore my flower pins today and yesterday!! i love the pics ima totally steal them!