Friday, June 18, 2010

Crochet Inspiration

I want to make a granny square so bad!
Maureen and I are going to take a crochet class at the lovely scrap at the end of July, so I have been dreaming up all of the things I want to crochet someday! The class is only $20.00 and we are guaranteed to leave with two granny squares ;) We took a stab at crochet on our own, but ended up with one HUGE chain of chain stitches. The chains we each made could make circles around our living room. I swear we are going to use those for something someday! But I have grander ideas for all that yarn we impulsively bought like we knew what to do with it, we're so silly!
Here are some things that I dream of making:

This is the best blanket I have seen! via*

I actually have this exact vest, but it's a little small. I want to make this in super bright colors and possibly make it a knee length dress, how fabulous would that be!

I love the geometric pattern, super nice change from the usual square via*

hello headboard of my dreams...via*

Cate Blanchett rules for sporting this on the red carpet

Love this vest, wish it was in color! I bet the colors are amazing. via*

Such a happy blanket, I would love this draped over my couch or on my bed <3 via*

This necklace is so cute and dainty, I would wear this in a heart beat as long as it wasn't itchy :) via*

These would keep your feet so warm and chic at the same time! via the purl bee tutorial

The possibilities are endless with yarn, I am ready for the challenge!

Happy happy Friday to all :)



MafiosaGrrl said...

Love that headboard!

Deeners said... And idea for all those crochet chains.