Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Polka Dot Vest

I am so excited about this vest! Over the weekend my friend James came over and we attempted to make our first clothing sewing projects, vests. He had his already started, it was looking awesome with black satin on the outside, plaid on the back and satin red as the lining. It looked very country Dracula. I had to catch up! I busted out the huge stash of fabric from my granny and pulled the polka dots and stripes out. I had a little of each, and they oddly looked good together. It's a lot of pattern for one vest but I like the happy spring feel of it. Since we didn't have a pattern, Maureen helped me trace pieces from a vest that I already had directly onto the fabric. I was so surprised how good it came out, I mean it actually looks like a vest! haha.

I am in love with these buttons. Nothing makes me happier than Daisies!!!

Now I want to make a dress so bad!
I am so ready for summer ;)



J.Loo said...

That is a super cute vest! The stripes and polka dots work great.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks JLoo :) I want to sew more and more!

ladymchottie said...

omg Katy! your vest is amazing!!! i love love love it