Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Space Hoody

Good Morning!

I am excited to share my new hoody that I added some pizazz too! I always start a project and if it isn't turning out just right I have a tendency to cast it aside and let it pile up in my room. I tried to do some stitching on the front of this hoody about 3 months ago and things went haywire, I didn't use any stabilizer and there it sat hanging in my closet unworn for months. Well I finally fixed it with the help of Maureen :)

I have been wanting to use this cute space fabric forever, and I am so happy it went to good use. I only had a quarter of the fabric and could never think of anything small enough to use it for, well this was perfect!

For the back I sewed on my favorite embroidery, that just so happened to go with the space theme. It has been sitting sadly on my shelf since I did it, so I decided to sew it on the back and actually use it. Now I can wear this baby all over town! I haven't taken it off since I made it. It feels so good to work with what you have and jazz it up. And when people ask, you get to say I made it!

I so want to get some metallic silver Ric rac and sew it on as the border!

Sweet vest that we made coming later today :)


Batzy Shop said...

I think it looks so cute!

makeworkproject said...

That's great! Did you machine sew the back on, or hand sew?