Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Boy Portrait

Check out this wee portrait Maureen stitched up:

We were getting ready to go to a birthday party at the bottom of the hill( a really small awesome music venue in the city), when we realized that we had no present. Oh dear! Maureen took the birthday boy's photo that was on the invitation and sketched and stitched this within 45 minutes. We found the perfect 4x6 frame and we were out the door! It was a hit at the party and no one knew it was a last minute present :) Such a sweet homemade gift! It was so cute everyone at the party was like NO you made this, you had to have used a machine! so precious.

Looking at this makes me want to embroider a million portraits myself. Think of all the possibilities!

If you want us to do a custom embroidery pattern for you just email us :)


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Lovin' the innocence of the photo and the fabulouso stitching!