Friday, October 18, 2013

Skeleton Dancers

These skeleton ballet dancers were done on an American Apparel satin baseball jacket. It was given away on Feeling Stitchy and is now on its way to Australia! I just sketched them out quickly and went over the sketches with a Sulky transfer pen . Let me know if there is any interest in my dancers! Would anyone else want to stitch these? I can envision them on the bottom of a skirt or a set of napkins!


Mrs.Lacer said...

My daughter would love these, she's a ballet dancer but is in absolutely now way a 'cutesy' ballet dancer, so if I could stitch some dancing skeletons on a ballet bag it would be right up her street.

Jackson Leavitt said...

I think that custom embroidery is so cool. I remember whenever we would get club shirts in high school, we always tried to find someone that did custom embroidery, so we could put our names on our jackets. It only happened a few times.