Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Forest Art Show!

My friend Grayson just moved into a great loft space in the inner sunset and he is graciously hosting an art event with art from a few of my lady friends and me!

It has been an idea we have thrown around for a while and it's finally happening.

We made a stop motion video as the invite, check it out!

Here are the details if you would like to join:

Who: Shane York - Wearable Woodlands

Olivia Ward - Monster Gouaches

Katy Woelfel - Stitched Bark

Toni Lynn Anderson - Under Glass

What: Embroidery! Monsters! Terrariums!

Where: Problem Library - 1288 15th Ave

When: August 10th, 2012, 8pm!

If you live in the Bay Area, we would love to see you!



Maggie said...

Im not sure if you can help but I would appriciate any advice you have! I just bought a Singer Futura CS250 and as I was taking out the 3900 stock design cd I snapped it in half! I have never embroidered in my life.... and only seen the machines in the store. What do I do?!

Eyad said...

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Liam Manning said...

That sounds like it would be a great time, I love doing custom embroidery! I recently started doing a line of shirts and it's been really fun. Does it cost to go to this event? Thanks for sharing!

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Toby Crane said...

This type of embroidery is great and common in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ. I did some when I was a teenager but very little and I never became very talented in the area. Thanks for sharing though!

Mae said...

Wow ... what lovely work you guys have on here! I would LOVE to follow you on my blogger but I can't find the section on the sidebar where your followers are shown (i always click below where it says sign in, and it lets me follow the blog.. WHERE IS IT?!?) blah driving me nuts because I rarely come back to websites if they aren't on my homepage. Am i missing it somewhere?


Bill Shields said...

Are you guys hosting any embroidery events in Orlando any time soon? I wouldn't mind looking at all your stock.

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Toby Crane said...

These make great embroidered gifts and I have been working on some myself. My sister taught me to do this kind of stuff when I was a little kid, and now I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

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