Thursday, March 29, 2012

One- Two- Three NEW PATTERNS!

Hi Lovelies-

It's been a while; we have been busy bees trying to stitch up new samples from our three new patterns and updating our shop with the new goodies!

We are so excited and in love with each of our three new patterns, hope you like them:

NEW Tattooed Ladies Embroidery Pattern

Tattooed Ladies Pattern! This pattern is extra special and is different than any we have done before, it features extra large designs that will be sure to keep things exciting and keep your little hands stitching. The beauty is in the details!

NEW Story Time Embroidery Pattern

Story Time Pattern! This pattern would be perfect for a story time quilt; we purposely made each design around the same size so you can stitch each story into a pretty square.

NEW Running with Scissors Iron on Pattern

And last but not least, Running with Scissors Pattern! This pattern was the most exciting for us to work on because we love crafty ladies :)

Head to the Sew Lovely Shop to check them out! If you don't see them in the shop, I just need to relist them :)



p.s. I missed you!


jeanne e. said...

the new patterns look great! and we missed you too... :)

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Awe, thanks! :)

Powerstitch Design Studio said...

Beautiful Designs! Thanks for sharing. If can also view my designs at Embroidery Digitizing.