Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Pillow Inspiration

Wedding Gift

I just found out that my only girl cousin (that I really know) is getting married in October and as soon as I found out, I started brainstorming on what to make as a present. I have a million other projects I'm working on, so the sooner I decide the better off I am! I think an embroidered pillow would be perfect, but what to embroider on is the question...

I am in love with these embroidered initials by Miniature Rhino; this would be an adorable present as a pillow!

wedding embroidery for paul and andrea.

Ryan N Julia Towel 02


Avery & Janette

Eddie and Laura handmade by Miniature Rhino

Something New

What do you think? Have you made a wedding pillow for someone? I'm having the hardest time deciding...


*click on photos for sources*


Debra said...

I didn't make a pillow for my cousin's wedding -- her mom made one with leftover fabric from her own wedding gown -- but I made some hoops based on the invitation designs -- if you're looking for inspiration, the invite graphics might be a good place to start.

Olivia said...

oh my goodness foxes riding bikes!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

@ Debra- The bunting flag hoop is so precious, I love it!!!!

@ Olivia- I know! I want to be a fox riding a bike with a bow dress on!