Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Underwater Camera Adventures

We are back from vacay and I can't tell how much I needed it and enjoyed every minute of it. Every time I thought about work or anything stressful, I immediately tried to stop and just live in the moment. Being in Donner Lake for an entire week, made me want to live there (well, at least until it snows) and go swimming forever in the charming chilly lake. Ahhhh until we meet again Donner Lake, I'll be thinking about you...

We took a jillion photos on our trip, in fact our cameras needed their own suitcase, so be ready for multiple photo heavy posts, who knows maybe your into that sort of thang.

We bought a cheapo underwater camera at rite-aid so we could not worry about getting any of our cameras wet on the dock and I have to say I'm into it! I really like the way the colors came out and although we didn't take any actual "underwater" pictures, I'm really glad I tried one out!

Underwater Cam-Sunny Water

Couple photo

Underwater Cam- Donner Lake

Summer Shirt

Underwater Cam- Magical Intertube

This is my favorite one from the roll
Underwater Cam- Dock Times

Underwater Cam- Reflectors

Underwater Cam- Floating

Underwater Cam- My it's cold face

We had such a relaxing vacation, playing games, swimming, crafting and enjoying the view of the lake from our patio. I can't wait to show you the Polaroid pictures we took, right before we left we got our super old Polaroid land camera working and we took about three packs (one color and two b&w). Every time we took a picture I got so excited, anxious to see how the picture came out! Hopefully I can scan them tomorrow :)

Unfortunately I am back to reality and life is crazy, why can't vacation last forever......

Well I'm back and I missed you and missed blogging, we have lots to catch up on!



eileen said...

Looks like you had a great time. BTW, your new bathing suit looks fab.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks Eileen :)