Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take Two- Embroidered Cameo Beauty

I like the pearly necklace so much better!

Do you remember this little lady? Well, she is one of my favorites recently and as I was about to put her in a frame tons of the beads starting falling off. I wasn't thrilled with the green beads anyway that I originally put on her necklace, so I went for the pearly beads the second time around and I love it so much more! This is a present for my step grandma for her secretary’s desk; I sure hope she likes it.

Do you like the new version better?

Embroidered Cameo

Pearly Necklace

Framed Cameo

I'm so happy to see this in a frame! Love herrrrrrrrrrrr



Olivia said...

It is lovely!

Sarah said...

I like it so much better with the pearls! It's so soft and pretty. Good job! How did you mount it into the frame?

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks Olivia <3

@ Sarah- Thanks bunches! You just wrap the cloth over the glass and then tape it as you stretch it over the back and viola!


Lindy said...

I like the colored pearls better then the white it stands out.