Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embroidered Diana Skirt for Sarah

Navy Camera Skirt

As you know this month was filled with almost all of my friend’s birthdays and mine too, which means I was in super making present’s mode! I love thinking about what I can make someone that they will hopefully love, and thinking about them the whole time your making it.

For my friend Sarah I knew I wanted to embroider a camera and put it on something because she loves cameras, so after I stitched up the camera I decided to attempt making a skirt. She has been wearing more skirts recently and she looks so cute in them! I have made one before, but Maureen practically did the whole thing, I get quite skittish when I don't know what I'm doing. This time around, I wanted to do it all by myself (I'm such a bid kid!) and I love the way it turned out! Shane being the sweetest lady in town taught me how to make my embroidery into a pocket, how to sew on ric rac and walked me through the whole process while still letting me do everything.

Here is the lovely Sarah ( I love this picture of her and the way her hair has that little flip)

Embroidered Diana Camera Skirt

I definitely need more practice considering the only way the skirt fits is if you put it on over your head, but I'm excited to get better at sewing and I want to eventually be able to sew up a skirt in a snap and a dress someday!

Embroidered Diana Pocket

Skirt for Sarah!

Sarah's birthday was last Wednesday and she loved it! Yay! Now I want an embroidered skirt for me :)


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Cerise said...

How CUTE! I want one!!