Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiration & Embroidery for Me!

After the embroidery show I was officially drained for a couple weeks and wasn't inspired to embroider, maybe it was the cowgirl that took it out of me, but a trip to the Japanese Book Store in Japantown changed everything. When my Mom was visiting we took her out on a girls day and ended up getting boat sushi and seeing bridesmaids (hilarious by the way!) and couldn't resist going into the book store. That place is my kryptonite!

I always get a few embroidery books/magazines while I'm there and can't resist their super cute stationary! My mom was such a sweetie and bought me all sorts of goodies...

My new inspiration!

Rainy Day Change Purse
I instantly fell in love with the rainy day change purse in the bottom left corner; she's just way too cute! My Mom wants the glasses case above, it’s seriously one of the cutest designs ever and once I figure out how I have to make it for her (if you're reading Mom act surprised when I give it to you!)

Rainy Day Umbrella Girl

Rainy Girl

Purple Rain Purple Rain

I love this little lady! I'm so proud of myself for finally practicing my fill-in, I'm getting better ;)

If anyone has any tips on how to attach those metal change purse clasps, please help a stitcher out!



Becky said...

Katy, your stitching is wonderful!

I have seen a few tutorials around about those purse thingys but haven't tried it yet. Will keep my eyes open for one.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Double thanks becky!
I bought a few of the clasps, but they are from a Japanese store and I can't read the directions (common problem in my life)

Olivia said...

love, olivia

schinders said...

1. the piece is adorable
2. nice q snaps!
3. remind me next time i'm up there (have to come up mid july hope you're around) to take you to my fave, wierd japanese store on sutter.x

kluckingbear said...

Those Japanese craft books get me every time! I can never buy just one.