Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black & Blue Raven Dress

Today is the day

Today is the day, I've had this black & blue beauty hanging on my door since the show and today it was calling me! I love it even more than before. I got a new pair of clip on’s in the mail yesterday and made a matching cameo sweater clip, does it get any cuter?

Cameo Sweater Clip, this might be my favorite <3

Black & Blue Raven Dress

I made this matching cameo sweater clip!

Although I am super nervous to ruin the dress or spill anything on it (coffee!), I am to in love with it for it to sit in my closet, it has to get out and see the world! Hooray for special one of a kind dresses made by your friend :)



schinders said...

it's sew you!!

Ina said...

This dress looks awesome on you.

katy tarzia said...

This dress looks awesome!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks ladies! Can't wait to wear it again ;)

Anonymous said...

The dress is gorgeous!! I have lot's of lovely dresses that always need time out of the closet to! Glad you decided that getting it out there was necessary!