Monday, April 18, 2011

Flickr Faves!

I love this embroidery by savvymojo
Loves of a Blonde

I want to make an embroidered change purse so bad!
my own purse

I love this glimpse into Sue of Giant Dwarf's studio
Giant Dwarf // Studio Tour

Looking at this embroidery by cold as ashes makes me really happy
Your Arms Around Me

How cute is this new drawing by Lucky Jackson?!
Tea Love

*Photo by yyellowbird*

I love this embroidery by giddy99 of a sunny buick design
Sunny Buick Sketch, embroidered

Hope you had a marvelous weekend darlings!



Becky said...

Such a huge fan of giddy99 and her duvet project! (Btw they sell change coin purses for embroidery/whatever in our Joann's...).

Becky said...

Katy, this is such a sweet collection!! I want it all.

Good tip BW!