Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome New Readers!

I just wanted to say hello to all of the new readers that just discovered my little blog :) WELCOME!

Here's a little about me in case you were wondering...

The most epic shirt of all time

My name is Katy and I live in San Francisco California. I am 22 years old and when I am not working at my day job, I am CRAFTING! My boyfriends mom (Maureen) and I started Sew Lovely Embroidery a little over a year ago, because we wanted an easy way to embroider all of the awesome drawings that Maureen does, alas Sew Lovely began. It's surprising how well we work together and we have the most fun creating our embroidery patterns! So much work goes into each design we create and we wouldn't want it any other way :)

We are working on expanding our little shop, with the possibility of custom shirts (like the one above!), more fabric covered button creations and perhaps some embroidered jewelry or brooches.

On my blog I like to share my current obsessions, crafts I have made, some of the MANY dresses I buy, giveaways, favorites and all things embroidery of course! We would like to create more DIY tutorials in the near future because we love learning how to make new things and we know you do too. I adore reading your comments and I appreciate all of sweet as peaches feedback ;)

I can't tell you how excited we are about the response to our newest pattern! Coming tomorrow is a sneak peak of another yes ANOTHER new pattern coming out next week, are you ready for it? Also another giveaway coming your way after our current pattern giveaway ends on Monday.

Thanks to all of you sugarplums for your support, we love you!



Becky said...

How have I known you for over a year and NOT known that you are only 22? You are just a BABY!
I still love you though! So excited about all these new shop developments. :) :)

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Hehe I know, I am a baby! Everyone at work thinks I'm in my thirties though!
Love loves ;)

Becky said...

This Becky was shocked too! I feel really old as I have shoes and sweaters older than you. And I am not counting my recent vintage purchases. I mean stuff I've been wearing that long!

Anyway, I'm ready for whatever wonderfulness you fling at us!

Carrie said...

Loved hearing your story! Y'all make a great team. So many people in the giveaway - that's awesome! Congrats.

twobadmice said...

Nice to meet you. I love your blog, and your patterns. I've been reading for awhile after following a link at Feeling Stitchy.
I chanced upon your patterns at Stonemountain Daughter in Berkeley and my wallet left quite a bit lighter! : )
I just started embroidering a dishtowel with a picture taking mermaid for my niece who is a photographer on Maui.
I'm a little nervous with how intricate the design is but I figure I'll just wing and do my best.

Thanks for doing what you do.
xo Robin

p.s. I'm bummed I missed the pop up show but I'm excited about there possibly being another one. The work in the show was absolutely incredible and totally inspiring!