Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Fisheye Lens!

I have wanted a fisheye lens forever for my rebel xt and I finally found a cheap alternative to buying a fancy million dollar one. I got this one from amazon, which fits most canon models. I love the look of fisheye pictures, but I keep buying plastic lomography fisheye cameras (which I love!), but keep breaking...alas cheap lens add on!


I got my new lens in the mail yesterday and as soon as I got off work, I took some pictures of Johnny and I on our dinner date :)

Sushi Times!

My New Favorite Dress!

The first photo is my favorite ;)

I can't wait to go on adventures and have the instant satisfaction of the fisheye, instead of waiting to get my film developed, yipeee!!!!



Becky said...

Loving that fabric.

Becky said...

Johnny sure is eyeballing that beer with a "hurry up and take the picture already!" look. Heeeheee.

What a fun new toy you have.