Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey- I have that Rib Tickler!

I was browsing through Doe-c-doe's vintage craft books set (which I LOVE) today and I came across a vintage crocheted vest that I own! I love when that happens :)

rib tickler A

I love knowing that somebody made this vest by hand from this awesome pattern! Looking at this picture makes me want to pull this vest out of the depths of my closet and finally figure out an outfit to wear with it. Perhaps a red dress or a pleated skirt with a red or navy shirt...?

The best part about this whole thing is that they are called RIB TICKLERS! Why, I am not sure, but I like it.

Look at this tender loving rib tickler couple...
rib ticklers C & D

rib tickler B

Now I have to wear my rib tickler ASAP!

Have you ever had one before? Do you know why they call them rib ticklers?



gina said...

so happy you're enjoying my flickr set :)

the pamphlet says "these garments are designed to be very tight-fitting, and are intended to be approximately 6 inches smaller than chest measurement in order to obtain the 'stretched' look when worn"...thus the rib tickling I guess!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Awesome! Thanks Gina ;) Mine is pretty tiny and now I know why- so it can tickle my ribs!

Becky said...

My [Grand]Mama made me a few back in the early 70's. I don't even think they would fit my leg nowadays! You must post a pic of you in yours :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Craft Gossip...

I just got that pattern book in January, and finally crocheted myself the bulls-eye tickler.

My fiance doesn't want me to amke him one, but maybe I get one on my daughter and one on my son. I love them!!