Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to do with Fabric Covered Buttons.....

If you have received one of our pretty buttons that came in your recent order or you are planning on winning the Valentines Giveaway, here are some ideas of what to do with the buttons!

Button Inspiration...

Sew buttons onto a cardigan:
Make a Covered Button Cardigan

Attach button to a felt brooch:
Japanese Baby Deer Felt Flower Brooch

Look at all of these pretty projects with buttons!
Covered button projects

For these projects, you need to take off the metal prong on the back of the button with pliers first-

Button bobby pins:
heatherknitz 010

If you have a bunch of buttons, make a button bracelet:
BMB BlueManateeButtons (4)

Button magnets:
Mushroom fabric covered button MAGNETS - available

Bloom and Grow Fabric Covered Button Magnets

Button hair clips:
Fabric Button Hair Clips and Gift Tin

I just got tons of buttons in the mail, it's party time! Good luck with the Valentines Giveaway ;)



Becky said...

I adore covered buttons on clothing - adds a certain panache! But all these ideas, well, I want to try them all.

Charlie said...

That little felt brooch is so adorable, I love it! Have a blue winter coat that is crying out for something like this x

Jonell said...

The button hair clips are really cute! Awesome innovation. Super like it! And also the color is sooooo cute! Designer fabric