Friday, February 11, 2011

Flickr Flickr Flickr Faves...

If I had this rug, I would be the happiest lady
hable construction pendants rug

I bought this fabric last weekend and it’s AMAZING

I love love love this Valentines Topper made by Becky aka Strumpets Crumpets, it is definitely being sent out with my Valentines ;)
Valentine goodie bag topper for you!

This spider by Katie Kutthroat is so awesome
black widow

I love the idea of a stitch-a-long, how cute is this!
IMG_0506 (1280x853)

Stitched books? YESSSSSSSSS
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - close-up

If only this were Johnny & I...
awesome 80s sweaters

So into these robot mittens!
MalMarch Robot Mittens

I have to make bunting flags this spring, I must!

I heart everything Meagan makes... and she has a shop

This shoot is so cute!
tribos de taw spring/summer 2010/2011 collection

I wannnttttt this
Decoupaged Drawers

Doe-c-doe never disappoints... and there's a tutorial for doing this on mugs
custom plates for danielle

*click the photos for sources*

Happy Friday darlings!



Anonymous said...

I want the bunting!!!

Becky said...

All are wonderful. Katie's Spider woman is incredible.

Coveted Vintage said...

I've never seen stitch books...brilliant!

I learned about your blog via Etsy :)

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

@ paula- I know! Bunting garlands are so pretty ;) I want them inside and outside!

@ Becky- I am so excited to see all the spider ladies being stitched up!

Welcome coveted vintage ;) Thanks for reading!