Thursday, January 6, 2011

X stitch Curiosity?

I have been seeing the most wonderful cross stitch projects and I am a curious cat!

How do I x stitch?
What fabric do I use?
Where do I start?
Do I use the same supplies as I do for embroidery?
Are there iron-on x stitch patterns? (because that would be awesome!)
How do I use a xstitch chart?

Gera The Three Bears

It's crazy how much I want to make this! I am going to try and make my own version out of a mint tin, wish me luck :)

Round Tin Cans

Japanese Spring Pincushions

Epic Space X stitch

The Guardian

Magic mushroom house

Xstitched Russian Dolls!!!
olga cushion front


ondori world of cross-stitch 1

Umbrella Girl X stitch pattern


This is one of the most awesome creations ever! I want to sleep all over this <3
Star Wars pillow and blanket

I would be the happiest girl if you would share any how to's or easy free pattern links ;)
I'm excited to learn another craft!



Jamie said...

Ooo x stitch is so fun! I actually taught my cousin's craft club how to, it's very easy. It's just a matter of looking at a picture/graph and putting that on your fabric.
The fabric I use mostly is Aida and you still use embroidery floss. I'm sure there are iron on transfers but I've never used them myself.
I got the Subversive Crossstitch book and it explained everything really well. Once you do your first piece, you'll never look back!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Awesommmmme! Thanks Jamie ;) ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

You'll probably get lots of how-to's and tips but as someone who'se been cross stitching since I was very little I wanted to offer encouragement and let you know that if you can count (and maybe even if you can't) you can do cross stitch.
My biggest tips would be to do one color of one section the pattern at a time, unless you are doing words, then do one letter at a time. Also, just have fun!
One great site for doing words and sentences is

Happy stitching!

Nosnin said...

I find this post rather funny. I stopped cross stitching to embroider! :)
It mostly all the same materials.
I say start out with something simple, once you complete that and get the hang of it, you can do it all!
Have fun!

gina said...

thank you so much for putting together such a great bunch of inspiration! I've dabbled in a couple cross-stitch projects here & there but I'd forgotten how great it can look...thank you for the reminder :)

Jennifer said...

My sister bought me Alicia Paulson's embroidery companion for christmas and there is a chapter of cross stitching designs in it, as someone new to cross stitching I have decided to try and make the berry cushion cover as it is stitched onto gingham - so really obvious squares for your stitches! All in all the book seems a good way to get to stitching heaven with some wonderful crewel work patterns too!

Anonymous said...

i like to cross stitch every now and again! you definitely don't have the same freedom as embroidery, but it's a nice shift from time to time. When you're first learning it's easier to use Aida fabric, once you get the feel for it you can use any fabric!
you should check out

MafiosaGrrl said...

Let's learn together!! I'm going to take it up this year also. Andrea aka Mrs. Evils is also a local lady and she's already promised to help...stichers unite, lolz.