Friday, January 14, 2011

Embroidered Deer Moleskine

Last night I had taco's/pie/hot chocolate with my friend Kelly, who I've known since 7th grade and every time I hang out with her I just feel so happy! I don't see her that much, so it's always so nice when I do :) We exchanged our Santa presents and she got me the cutest deer embroidered journal ever, I can't wait to fill it with all of my crafty ideas
It was made by Lisa Riddle, who has the cutest little shop filled with embroidered journals and greeting cards called nowvember!

Cat throwing up rainbows, yes!

The Polaroid journal is so cute

If somebody really loves PBR, this is the perfect gift!

I love this little polar bear too!

These little moleskins are so handy to keep in your pocket or purse to write down ideas or to keep a little to do list! I definitely want to DIY some of these journals after I fill up mine. I think she just drew the design on the moleskine, poked holes through the journal and then connected the dots with thread!

I'm going to try the greeting card tutorial by crooked sister
for this project, thanks Lauren :)

Hooray for good friends and crafty presents!



Jenni said...

Hah, I actually stopped by Borders today to get a new moleskin planner for school and I ended up getting a pack of three! I was thinking of painting or embroidering on them to give them some character. It's nice to see that other people have the same idea!

Crooked Sister said...

That tutorial totally works for journals! Can't wait to see your design!