Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gaga Christmas!

On my mile long list of presents to make is a Lady Gaga shirt for my brother's sweet lady! She loves the gaga and I think it will be such a awesome one of kind present for her :)

The hardest part about this is choosing a gaga outfit! There are way too many good ones:

Gaga wearing Kermit is so hilarious to me!

Even better is Kermit wearing Gaga:

In love with Mickey Mouse Gaga
mickey mouse gaga

p.s. how cute is she with Eric from True Blood

Hello Kitty Gaga is super cute too

Bubble Gaga would be tricky but super cool if I could pull it off

All of the outfits from the telephone video are crazy but would be super rad on a tshirt

Helpsies! I'm not super into gaga so I am having trouble picking one! But time is ticking and I have to start on it ;)
What do you lovelies think?

p.s. I am going to make the shirt like the one Maureen made for me, do you recall epic space face shirt?
The most epic shirt of all time


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