Monday, November 22, 2010

Xmas Wishlist!

Mustard Scarf of my dreams

I have been working on my wish list to give my family and it's so fun to go to all of my favorite online shops and pick out my favorite things!

If you are looking for ideas for stuff to get your loved ones check out:

Amazon is my absolute favorite! You can make your own wish list and add things from any store with the universal wish list button, so your family and friends can see what your heart desires and pick what to get you :)Now my whole family makes a wish list so everyone gets what they want, and you can see what items were already purchased so NO duplicates. This may seem like no fun because there are no surprises but that's where the stocking comes in, you can fill the stocking with a bunch of little surprises! Because it is no fun when you know everything you're getting :)

Pretty Gold Button Earrings

Winter Mushroom Hat

Foxy Sweater Tights

Rosette Earmuffs

Scissors Necklace

Embellishing Craft Book

Flower Necklace

Has anyone else been working on a wishlist?!
I wanna see ;)


p.s. I can't believe thanksgiving is this week, time is flying by!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've been working on a wishlist. In fact, a number of your patterns are on it! I'm using Amazon too, what with the add-from-any-webpage feature. It needs some polishing though: