Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vintage Xmas Decorations!

I'm hoping my weekend looks like this :)

This is one of my favorite craft books and since I can only use it one time a year, I have to make it count!

Maureen and I are going to spend our weekend making the tree we wanted to make last year:

The tree pictured is a dutch inspired tree made of wood, but we are going to use felt and put it up over our fireplace! We are beyond giddy to start making this, how cute is the row with the little people. Also we are hoping to clean out the fireplace and get it working so we can sit by the fire and drink cocoa next to our pretty felt tree :)

Depending on how long the tree takes we are dying to make stockings:

I'm hoping we get around to glittery gold pine cones too!
Christmas time
Aren't they magical?

pompom giftwrap trims

Q-tip santa

Do you have any Xmas decorating ideas or traditions? I have been looking for easy ornaments to make, any ideas?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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