Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So much to do, so little motivation!

I have so much to do, but when I get home from work I feel like laying down and not moving. I blame gloomy weather! On my way home, I try and pump myself up to get organized and do all of the things that are on my mile long to do list, but the t.v. prevails and my laziness wins. Last night I had plans to FINALLY organize my craft space and piles and piles of printed tips and tutorials but alas gossip girl season 2 sucked me in on top of all of the Monday night detective shows. WHY! I need to get it together, I haven't even been embroidering!

I have so many pictures to take, it's crazy.The fog is always rolling in as soon as I get home, but I just have to make it work! I have so many fun things I want to share, I'm going to make it happen :)

Perhaps if I mix in fun stuff on my to do list with the not so fun things like taxes, I can get more things done! I want to knit/crochet SO BAD, the magic you can make with yarn is ridiculous.

I am in need of some adventuring, its time to get away..

Next weekend I am going to make it happen: Santa Cruz...Monterey...Santa Barbara...One of you I'm coming for you!

Anyone have any tips for getting/staying motivated to get things done?!

Hope everyone is having a goooood day!


p.s. All pictures from Audrey Hepburn Complex

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Anonymous said...

I always love all the pictures you include with your posts!

As far as motivation is concerned, I've learned that feelings follow actions (not the other way around).

Rater than waiting for the feeling of motivation or inspiration, just get started on the first thing on your to-do list (or to-craft list). Before you know it, you're feeling motivated, juiced, and invigorated.