Friday, October 1, 2010

Fisheye Escapades

I have been using my super green fisheye that I got for my birthday a lot recently, and its official, I am all about it! I really want to invest in getting a fisheye fancy lens for my rebel xt: someday :)

It has been so nice and sunny recently, which equals being at Golden Gate Park every weekend! It's definitely my favorite place in the city <3

Instead of our usual Friday night game night, we had a game day at the park instead, it was brilliant! The only thing we were missing were picnic snacks. We played the most awesome vintage Yahtzee game, yeah I won (no biggie!) I only rolled a 5 Yahtzee on my first roll! And we added a new game into the rotation: DON'T break the ICE, do you remember that game?! It kind of rules.

Happpppppyyyy FRIDAY darlings!


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