Friday, October 15, 2010

Backity Back!

I am finally back to work and reality. I came down with a fever late Monday night and it lasted until yesterday afternoon. It was quite brutal and add the nice weather on top of it, my fever felt like double!

But hooray I am feeling better, thank goodness! I missed all of my daily blog reads, and sharing things with all of you lovely ladies ;)

I need to photo all of my crafty happenings lately, there are quite a few! Until then just some pretty things:

All I've been doing besides sleeping the past three days is watching Pushing Daisies, it's my new most favorite show ever! I love how vivid the colors are and it has all of my favorite things: pie, daisies, and magic! Plus the pie maker is such a cutie :)

Katie's new Collected Shop that just opened

This pretty mustard beanie from red velvet

Sunny day cowgirl
I am in love with this pretty cowgirl stitched up by Carrie

I am loving Elizabeth Haley's Blog, isn't she a beauty!

I love these pretty pieces from Nadinoo

I love the Crafty Supply Swap that Becky started, if you have supplies to get rid of, or are looking for some new crafty materials check out the group on flickr

I swoon for this pretty leather headband!

Hope your not working too hard, it is FRIDAY!



Poorvi said...

I was totally hooked on to Pushing Daisies too. So well made. That narration (the style and voice) just stuck in my head and I'd say it in my head while doing stuff!! :)

Carrie said...

hey there! thanks for including my cowgirl! so sweet to see on your blog. :)
oh, and pushing daisies was such a neat show!

Haley said...

Hello! I am just now seeing this, and I don't know how I missed it!
Thank you much, miss! <3 Haley