Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pink Owl & Mushroom Pin

There is nothing we love more than seeing finished embroideries of our patterns, and even better is receiving them as gifts!

I was so excited last week when my friend Jesse gave me a mushroom pin that her friend Shane(that she gave one of our patterns to) made for me <3

I am in love with this pin and will cherish it forever ever! Look how amazing her stitches are, they are so tiny and how crazy is that she filled almost the whole thing in with the chain stitch :)

Later on in the week I went to Jesse's house for craft night and while hanging out in her room I spotted this:

Shane also stitched up these pretty in pink owls from our woodland pattern and gave it to Jesse! Jesse is in love with pink so this is the best present EVER

I am in love with you Shane York even though I haven't met you! I want you to teach me everything you know, pretty please!

Shane taught my friend Olivia the chain stitch last week and Olivia taught me this week, life pretty much rules!

Hope everyone is having the loveliest day :)


p.s. These pink owls are in my possession currently and it's taking everything in my power not to keep them!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Those owls are unbelievable! I love the combination of the different pinks.