Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I heart woven sandals


This past weekend after I stopped by Indie Mart, my friend Olivia and I walked up to Valencia and hit all the thrift stores we could find! We got so many goodies, and I was so proud of myself for only spending $20 and I got 5 things :)
We went to community thrift, buffalo exchange, clothes by the pound, painted bird and thrift town!

I got some really awesome vintage tacky sweatshirts that I have yet to take pictures of but I am seriously in love with!

All this thrifting has gotten me shoe crazy; all the shoes lined up row by row, sequin by sequin just sitting there waiting to be tried on. I didn't buy any shoes because for one I really DON'T need any but I still have yet to find the perfect woven leather sandal. I can't wear the sandals with the thing in between the toes and when it's hot (not that it's ever going to get hot here in the city!)I need sandals to slip on with dresses and shorts!

I love woven leather sandals because they are so comfortable already and once I find the perfect ones I imagine them being worn in and soft and amazing in every way. Now I just need to find them.....

Something like these would do:








The hunt is on! Next pay day it's thrifting time....


p.s. Have you found any fabulous vintage goodies lately? Because I want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Limey said...

It strikes me that these could be really uncomfortable...!

Jenni said...

I adore woven sandals! A few weeks ago I bought a pair at a Salvation Army for $4. They were just my size, which is hard for me to find size 5 anywhere! They were vintage and from Brazil. I swear they were never worn because I'm still breaking them in.

They were pretty much the exact style that I wanted and I, of course, couldn't pass them up. I knew that I could find a similar pair at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie for like $50-70. I went to an UO last week, and low and behold.... there was a similar style for $60. Plus they weren't even vintage!

I totally scored. :]

MafiosaGrrl said...

Sandals like that are actually super comfortable, if they are real leather. They become soo super soft over time.
Those ones are taking me back, especially the funky colored ones. I swear, my Mom had all of those when I was a kid.

sewseas said...

I love ALL of these! I wish I could find them! The only sandals similar I find thrifting are so close to being cute, but not close enough! Haha. If that makes sense? #2,3 and 4 are my favorites!

Anonymous said...

come to mexico and you will