Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deep Blue Sea Baby Quilt

Maureen found out her niece was having her first baby, and immediately thought of the possible projects she could make the new baby boy. She decided to make a quilt and had plans to use an Aunt Martha pattern(a super easy baby animals pattern), and then right before she began it dawned on her HEY why don't I use one of ours! She chose the Deep Blue Sea pattern, because the baby's room colors are green & blue, could it be any more perfect?

Her niece has not had the baby yet and Maureen's goal was to get this done in time. She is due any day and Maureen busted this out so fast, I was seriously impressed! She stitched up 7 embroideries,stitched the fleece into a quilt, sewed the binding on the fleece, zig zag stitched the embroideries to the quilt, yarn tied in between the squares and viola a fabulous handmade baby quilt in less than a WEEK.

Maureen changed the shark a little bit from our pattern because it looked a little scary, it looks so charming now doesn't it?! I would definitely hang out with this shark :)

I think the squid is my favorite, we call it the coney island squid because it has ice cream and balloons!

This blanket turned out so adorable, I can't even believe it! It is so incredibly soft and I think it's perfect for a new born baby :) Maureen is dying to send it out to her niece, I'm sure she will LOVE it.

Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking pictures for us! She is the perfect height to hold up this blanket, she's a CHAMP ;)


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