Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gold Country Camping

Camping over the weekend was just what the doctor ordered. As soon as we crossed that little bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland the sun was everywhere! We drove for about 3 hours and landed in good ol gold country.

We rode our bikes down windy country roads, I went down my first humungous hill on my bike (so scary!)but I did it :) On our sweet adventures we picked fresh grapes along the way and rode super fast without brakes. I am getting way better at riding my bike, I am so excited! Now I just need a cute helmet :)

I'm hoping that this wasn't our last camping trip, perhaps a little getaway for Johnny's birthday on Labor Day Weekend, fingers crossed!


p.s. I have a million swaps I am working on, I can't wait to show you! Its quite torturous having to wait till your partner gets it to show pictures

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Becky said...

How can I find out about swaps?
Great pics btw.