Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Russian Dolls How I love you....

Dear Russian Dolls,
I love you.

I have been swooning over all of the Russian dolls I have been finding scattered across the web. There are so many different kinds, themes, uses; it's quite magical if you ask me.

It all started when I got this fabric:

I got a phat quarter of this (why didn't I order a million yards?) and I cut out one of the dolls to make a cute applique. I should have made a covered lampshade, why didn't I think of this!

This purse is calling me; the appliqued dolls on the front are adorable!

You can make a Russian doll out of anything! I wonder what this is.... cheese?

How cute are these elephants!

I am in love with this skirt from madewithlovebyhannah, I'll take one in every color, please



*Matt Brown


*savage artworks
I want these owl nesting dolls so bad! They would be so cool in log cabin or woodland themed room, not that I have either.

I want to store all of my craft supplies in nesting dolls! You could fill each doll with something different and then take it on the go in your purse, for all the time crafting :)
*sweet tidings

This is precious! I have this little doll but it's a nail kit, sewing kit is so much better.

I first saw this pincushion over on craftzine, it's so genius! This will definitely be included in my crafting extravaganza nesting doll set. The tutorial to make the pincushion doll is here



If I was a super painter I would whip these up in no time. How cute would it be for a wedding proposal if your boyfriend hand painted these for you and then had a pretty ring in the smallest doll there was. awwwww. Precious! You can get these to make your own here



That's it, its official; I need a huge collection of russian dolls everywhere. I want them spread out all over an entire wall, big to small, small to big, awesome to more awesome. Wouldn't they be great for a craft room!

I am inspired, I want to do a Russian doll embroidery nowwwwwwwwwwww



Monica said...

It's nice to know someone else other than me loves nesting dolls. I think I've had a fascination with them since I first saw them on Sesame Street as a little girl in the 70's.

I'd love to do a quilt with lots of different embroidered nesting dolls.

Becky said...

This is so weird, because I recently developed a little Russian Nesting Doll obsession too. I found a set in a Goodwill a few months ago and it reminded me of one I had as a kid. Now I really want to collect more. These images are really inspiring! You know what would be embroidery pattern....ahem....

Cassandra Potter Kemp said...

I am obsessed tooo! They are sweet! Please make an embroidery pattern! Also where did you purchase the fabric? I would love to purchase some yards of that sweet print!

ladymchottie said...


Lisa Leggett said...

Nesting dolls are so pretty! I love how each one is similar, but when you look closely they're each different. There's a great shop that sells NOTHING BUT gorgeous, hand painted, Russian Nesting Dolls down on Pier 39. It's a little touristy, but I'm telling you, it's 360 degrees of eye candy. You should go if you have a chance. Last time I was there I bought a small set for my mom, she has a fondness too.
This was a grea post Katy, thanks!

p.s. I think you should make a pattern too :o)~

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous collection of examples! Why, they ARE all over the place! I just love them too! I was enamored of a set that my Aunt had when I was a little girl. This reminds me that I want to buy some for me now! Thanks for the great post! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE nesting dolls. I used that kokka fabric (I ordered a million yards, haha :) for my daughter's nursery -

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

I love the nesting dolls too. Why, who knows. That nail clipper set is so cute. And what? that cheese dish (cookie?) thing - sweet!
Ha ha about all the yard of fabric Lindsay - I hear ya!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

thanks for sharing my pincushion tutorial on your blog :D i'm totally addicted to nesting dolls <3

Chris said...

Russian dolls are classics, and a really great collector's item. My mother, and my wife also loved these kind of dolls. But unlike them, my daughter loves clothing for 18 inch dolls. Every time we go to the mall, she would run to toy store and find for beautiful clothes for her dolls.