Monday, July 12, 2010

Bowling Party & The best party dress EVER

My birthday is on Thursday but I will be camping, so I am having a bowling party tonight! I went on a mission to get a shiny party dress yesterday and a mission it was indeed. I found this Zac Posen for target dress that I wanted 3 months ago when the collection came out but it was $80.00 at the time.

I saw it sitting all by it's lonesome on the clearance rack yesterday marked down to 20$! They unfortunatley didn't have my size, the zipper would only go up half way but we bounced across the street to target #2. They had two in my size but neither of them had the fabulous tulle frilly skirt that is an optional attachement.

I tried on the dress and it fit like a glove. But the dress just wasn't the same without the tulle pizazz skirt! So we came up with a plan: I bought the dress, scurried back over to the other target and snuck my target bag with the dress inside into target. We were ladies on a mission!We went back to the clearance rack and we were going to take a skirt off of one of the other dresses, hey that tulle skirt was rightfully mine!

All we were seeing was size 3 skirts, and then out of the corner of our eyes we saw a lady holding up a skirt which looked like the right size, it was mine I kept thinking. We were both willing her with our minds.. put it down...put it down...these are not the droids you are looking for. She put it down and we imideatley sntached it up and it was the perfect size, it was fate! They didn't even have the size dress to go with it, some where along the lines the dress and skirt lost each other and I am glad they did. Best party dress ever! All is right with the world. Now I have to get through this work day and it's birthday bowling TIMEEEEE!

I hope I score some strikes and break 100, that is always my goal and I never do, maybe birthday bowling will bring me luck!

p.s. this bowling pin-up rules


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giddy99 said...

YAY!!! I love a successful mission! Happy Birthday! :)