Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Jean Jacket Embroidery

I finished my jean jacket embroidery up Monday night when the clock struck midnight! I literally jumped up and down marching around the house showing everyone, like I won a trophy or something. Oh the feeling of accomplishment! I am so bad about starting a million projects and casting them aside when I want to start something new. So when I actually finish things it's time to celebrate!

I wore my jacket to work yesterday because I was so excited, and sure enough by the end of the day I spilled black toner on my jacket(thank goodness for shout wipes)darn office jobs! Needless to say this is my favorite jacket everrrrrr. I am so proud of myself for satin stitching all of the little black squares, I was so scared I would mess everything up but I didn’t! I am so happy with how the whole thing turned out :)

Hooray for embroidering on denim jackets!

Speaking of denim I went to Anthropolgie last night, which is so dangerous because everything is amazing but a million dollars and I scored a denim shirt on SALE!
It's faded like it's been in the sun all day, slightly stretchy and perfectly form fitting. It's long and slightly baggy in the right way, and I can't wait to do some epic embroidery on the back!

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do...I'm thinking maybe the tattoo lady from our circus pattern. What do you think?

And now onto another project!



Anonymous said...

The embroidery on the jacket turned out great!!! Take it for a spin and show it off!!

I like the shirt too. It's kind of fitted too!! Not too manly!

Becky said...

Great stitching on the jacket. I love that design.

Anonymous said...

VERY nice!! Glad you had the Shout Wipes to tackle the toner, and glad the wipes worked!

ladymchottie said...

nicely done katy! and i think its a good sign that you already spilled on her, if you got toner off her, then she can handle anything! please wear it the next time we hang! hopefully sooon