Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Embroidered Standing Dolls

I was browsing through my favorites this morning searching for some inspiration, and boy did I find it :) I love when you see a picture and all you can think about is creating! That is the case with this picture:

I am in love with these hand embroidered standing circus dolls by Jessica Quinn. Ever since I saw these dolls a few months ago I have wanted to create something like this. I love the idea of creating art with embroidery on a large scale. I remember brainstorming what I could I make, the possibilities are endless.. a unicorn.. a dragon...a wizard. I haven't made one yet but I want to make it happen. Maybe a life size stuffed pin up embroidered, wow that would be awesome. I really need an inspiration board so I can keep track of all of these things I want to make. The list is just too long! I can't possibly remember it all, the library in my head can only hold so much :)
For the first time I looked at Jessica's photo stream today, I got lost in there for at least an hour this morning. She dabbles in so many different kinds of art, it's so fun to look at.
Here is her collection of circus standing dolls so far:

Her fabric dolls with embroidered faces are amazing:

Even the little cheeks are embroidered on, so adorable!

I love her illustrations that are filled with super vibrant colors:

If you are looking for some inspiration check out her flick stream.

Jeez Louis I better get cracking on my zentangle tote bag AHHHHHH, so little time! Oh why do we need day jobs?

Hope you are having fun crafting somewhere ;)


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