Friday, May 28, 2010

Scallops how I love you

I just came across Bekvam Clothing via clever nettle. The pictures immediately jumped out at me, everything in the line is something I would wear everyday. Oh the scallops, the peter pan collars and the frilly pockets. So summery and beautiful! Just looking at her collection makes me happy.

I can't tell you how much I want this dress! Through her blog I found out she only does two collections a year, so I signed up for her mailing list and as soon as I get word they are on sale I am running straight to her shop. She makes the dresses from start to finish and makes them to order. Who doesn't want a dress that is gorgeous and fits perfectly?
I swoon over this as well:

Peter pan collars are my weakness. I would love to buy one of these plain but beautiful dresses and embroider it with tons of colors. I await you fabulous dresses!

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Jenni Loo said...

Those dresses are darlin'! I love Petter Pan collars and scalloped edges. I wish the two dresses had a baby together, so then the dress would be of both worlds.