Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainbow in Stitches Contest!

We are so excited about this contest over on feeling stitchy! We always think about doing embroideries in one color, but then never do it. There is always too many colors to choose from, too many possibilities. But this has inspired us to go for it.

This is my first piece embroidered in all of the blues I could get my hands on:

I had so much fun with this! I am starting another one right away :) Maureen just finished something amazing, which she embroidered all in browns and then realized that brown is not one of the colors :( but it is nonetheless fabulous and we will be posting soon!

Everyone that loves to embroider should join in the fun, I found it exhilarating to use all one color and see what you could come up with. Each different shade of thread is magical in itself. We aren't in it for the prizes, just for fun!

Go for it ;)
Once you stitch something stellar up, just add it to the rainbow in stitches group


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