Friday, March 19, 2010

Classy Ladies

Happy Friday all! It's so nice today here in San Francisco :) The sun is shining and spring is finally here! Although I love the fog and wind here in the city, the sun just makes me smile :) Yesterday me and the boyfriend went on the sweetest picnic in golden gate park, usually its dark when I get off work but spring forward rules! We had cheeses, strawberries, fig jam , and apples. I brought my diana camera with instant back to do some tests. I just don't have it down yet! Although we did get some cute ones :)I will post soon!
Here is my camera~ pic from here
These are for all of you classy ladies out there. They make it look so easy!
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey in Roman Holiday (1953)

Audrey & Pippin (1958)

This is one of my favorites of Audrey- so graceful (by Avedon)

Jean Shrimpton
I think this is the best hair I have ever seen! Such a beautiful profile. (avedon)

Jean modeling a miniskirt, photographed by Gianni Penati in the March 15, 1969 Vogue. Look at that tie!

She looks marvelous even surrounded by creepy dolls

Such a good cover shot!


Marilyn by Avedon


And last but not least- Katherine Hepburn

Have a marvelous weekend! I hope it's sunny where you are :)

Photo by Mrs.French from Bliss, for sale here

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Crooked Sister said...

Your little photo collage post was the exact inspiration I needed today for a project I am working on. Thanks!