Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just got the Boden catalogue in the mail yesterday and I was in awe of how amazing everything was. I want everything I kept telling myself. Page after page, gasps! If only the price was non-existent. If only our currency was flowers instead of green paper! I put the catalogue down, remembering those lovely blazers I had seen months before, and thinking hmmm perhaps they are on sale? And indeed they are!

So I did it, I splurged!They were on sale I tell you. And they now have everything in US sizes. Come on, I had to!
The first one is velvet, I sprang for bright orange:

Second is a cord blazer, went with purple:

Check out the sweet sale:

Today is a good day!
How is everyone's day going?
I hope no one is working too hard!

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olive juice photography said...

oh nice choices! i would definitely pick out that orange one.. i usually am not drawn to purple.. but this is a nice purple!