Friday, February 5, 2010

First Sewing Project/ Kitchen Revamp!

Kitchen Revamp!

We did some spicing up in our kitchen recently. It already has the retro feel with the pale yellow fridge/oven and the rectangular pattern kitchen tiles, but it needed some umph! Before we started, there were vintage fruit curtains that were faded and dusty, which were fabulous at one time, but were now in need of some help. So we headed to Jo-Ann's and picked out the cheeriest fabric we could find and of course matching Ric-rac! We decided on red and yellow, because they go so good together! With lady bugs and daisies we couldn't’t resist. These curtains were our first sewing project with our new machine.

We also added some vintage prints from plan 59. Originally seen on sfgirlbybay, we knew these were a perfect complement to our retro kitchen. The hardest part was picking only a few to put up! There are so many good ones. If you haven’t been on this site check it out. We went with the demonic tots because they are so hilarious to look at whilst making toast in the morning.

Find all of the prints here:

Eventually we want to add more! We are thinking some of the sweet space ones:
We love space biscuits!

Bad Space Boys:

This future house totally reminds me of the jetsons and smart house combined:

Have a lovely weekend all!


MafiosaGrrl said...

Those prints are great...i <3 the space biscuits one so much.
Your kitchen seems freakin adorable!
I received your card today, scooter gal had perfect timing. i am brushing up on my language skills and painting a sign for my studio in Italian.

Becky said...

Love your cheery new curtains! and those plan59 prints!!! I want all of those.