Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jungle Girl!

Hey y'all!
So it's back to work today, having Mondays off are the best thing ever! Its one day down and 4 more to go :)

To get you in the spirit of Valentines Day we wanted to post another free pattern to get you stitching for your lovers and friends.
We are in love with jungle girl and hopefully you are too! This pattern is indeed not lovey dovey but who ever receives it will get a kick out of it :)
Because, everyone is different we made two different versions:
One that says jungle girl and one that doesn't!

To transfer the pattern onto fabric you can either trace the image over a piece of carbon paper with your fabric beneath it on a hard surface, or print it out on inkjet transfer paper and then iron it onto your fabric accordingly.

Get stitching!
We would love to hear what you think of our free patterns so far!


Anonymous said...

She's great!! A perfect design for a future Craftster swap ;-). Thanks for the freebie.


Vanessa said...

this is Amazing!!!!